Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wonders of Photoshop

In recent years I'm finding that I'm using Illustrator a lot more then Photoshop. Most of the drawings I am producing are mocked up in my sketchbooks, scanned then coloured and inked on Illustrator and Photoshop never sees the light of day. It's for this reason that I was that much happier about this photo of mine I manipulated.

I was watching Iron Man the other day (first one as it's one of my favourate comic movies and is hands down better then the second) and one of my favourate things of those movies is the veiw you get of inside the helmet while Tony Stark is flying the suit. The heads-up display is brilliantly executed and it looks very believible.

Tony Stark controls his Iron Man suit using a heads-up display inside his helmet.
 I wanted to try to recreate the look of it and obviously I couldn't do that in Illustrator. So for the first time in quite a long time I decided to fire up Photoshop and see what I can come up with. I'm particularly proud of the outcome of this picture not only for how it looks, but it's nice to know that I can still go onto Photoshop and not have to struggle with it. All the skills I've learned over the years are still inside my thick head somewhere and I love the fact that I can call upon them when I need it.
So you brave souls who have bothered to follow my blog, do you get times like that? When you do or use something you haven't done it ages and are happy to find all the knowledge you have come flooding back?

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