Monday, 30 May 2011


"Chibi" is a Japanese word meaning "short person" or "small child".

 It also used as a term that a lot of westren artists use for drawings of estabished characters done in a "cute" style. For me chibi drawings are a way of not getting rusting if the idea pool has dried up (which these days tends to happen a lot). It also brings an interesting challenge when it comes to some characters.

For example if you get a gritty, violent, lunatic of a character like Rorschach it can be interesting to see if you can make character like that look cute. This is my attempt, which as you can see fails miserablly. So what about you people reading this? Do you like the chibi style? Do think it's pointless?

Friday, 27 May 2011

Meow Meow Meow

This is how I feel whenever I hear my mother singing. Got the idea from watching my grandparents talking to eachother. Well more like my nan talking and gramps having to listen,



As many of you who know are aware I have something of a dark side to me. In recent years I haven't really shown it in my drawings, mainly because I'm a lot happier then I was back in the day (I was a miserable teenager, even by their stardards). A lot of my work has been more comedy based as I get kick out of someone laughing at a gag I've come up with. Althgough in the last year or so that dark side has been starting to creep out.

I've always had a fasination with dark stuff, not just in illustrations but music, clothing, religion, etc. but because my attitude has been more cheerful as I've gotten older (dispite what some people say) I haven't really expressed it. Happily because I didn't produce any for so long my draw skills have greatly improved and as a result I have produce a lot of dark stuff that I'm quite happy to share with people.

I have a whole gallery with more on my Facebook page so go check it out.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Brush with Death

This boys and girls is the first picture I did in my 'Death & Me' series.