Saturday, 24 September 2011

Graphic Design

That's what I studied at university. Graphic design.
For those of you who aren't quite sure what graphic design consists of, it actually covers a wide spectrum of skills. These include illustration, animation, web design, magazine design, advertising, layouts, typography, logos, book covers and corperate identities. Just to name a few.
My cover design for 'Love is Suicide' by Nik Dendera
Studying graphic design does teach you various skills and you get to try out different fields to find your specialised field. The problem I had with it was instead of finding my field, I became a Jack of all trades (I'm good at everything for those who don't know cockney) and can't say I'm particuarly good at a certain skill. I could pick one out, but I enjoy all of them so it's quite hard to say what I do in graphic design.
Logo for the band 'Young Influential' that I designed.
 Although it's hard for me to pick out a speciallity, it has given me a variety in my portfolio and it's always great looking at the expressions on peoples faces when they look throught it. One page could be an illustration, the next a book cover and the next a logo. You never get bored going through the stuff in my portfolio it has to be said.

Part of my 'Death and Me' series.
I can really only show so much on here what I can do and graphic design is about. But to be honest you see it everywhere you look, be it an ad on TV, that packaging of your favourate crisps or fyers for your favourate band or recording artist.

My version of Penguin's "Short Short Stories" book cover.
My 'RW' typeface I designed.
I do recommend that if anyone is interesting in venturing into graphic design then go for it. There are times when you are pulling your hair out, but you have so much fun and can get so creative with it that that it is well worth some of the stress you go through.

Typography book design I did at uni.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ideas Make Us Human

This is a drawing I did a couple of years ago. I do pretty much believe the title. I mean ideas lead to creativity, such as paintings, music, the bluiding of structures, technology, etc. None of that would of come about if no one had an idea to create them in the first place.