Friday, 27 May 2011



As many of you who know are aware I have something of a dark side to me. In recent years I haven't really shown it in my drawings, mainly because I'm a lot happier then I was back in the day (I was a miserable teenager, even by their stardards). A lot of my work has been more comedy based as I get kick out of someone laughing at a gag I've come up with. Althgough in the last year or so that dark side has been starting to creep out.

I've always had a fasination with dark stuff, not just in illustrations but music, clothing, religion, etc. but because my attitude has been more cheerful as I've gotten older (dispite what some people say) I haven't really expressed it. Happily because I didn't produce any for so long my draw skills have greatly improved and as a result I have produce a lot of dark stuff that I'm quite happy to share with people.

I have a whole gallery with more on my Facebook page so go check it out.

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