Monday, 7 January 2013

Project 365: Jan 1st - 7th 2013

People close to me know I do a 'Project 365', which is basically taking a photo everyday that sums it up. My mate Izzy is doing a similar project, but with illustrations. So inspired by her I have decided to start one as well.. 

Using the 'at least one illustration a day' rule, I will be uploading an illustration for each new day in the year 2013. An illustration counts as a sketch or a fully coloured masterpiece!

So here's January 1st - 7th.

Jan 1st: BRING ON 2013!

Jan 2nd: Random Rock Chick.

Jan 3rd: Scarlet Spider Chibi.

Jan 4th: Feathers.

Jan 5th: Cute or Hot?

Jan 6th: Lord Zedd.

Jan 7th: Green Candy.

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