Monday, 11 July 2011

Changing the Style (somewhat)

In my "Chibi" drawings I tend to make them as colourful as possible to keep in with the cute theme that's going with them. When I started doing "Sin City" characters I realised it wouldn't look right if they were all brightly coloured, so I've had to change the style a little.
 As "Sin City" is mainly all black and white with no shading and minimal colour I couldn't produce these in my usual style, it would loose the feel the comics have. So these are a lot more dark then the others but I've tried keep the "Chibi" feel about it with the line work.
Yellow Bastard
 But it's not only "Sin City" I've done this way. I got a request from an old friend to draw V from "V for Vendetta" and for anyone who has ever read it or watched the movie, I really couldn't o it colourful.
 This has more colour in it then the others but it's still got an dark edge to it. Incidently the fire is in there not only for comic value, but so the light from the fuse would allow me to show some features of V's clothing. Otherwise it would have been all black and V's head would of looked like it would of been floating in space.

So do you think this style was appropriate?

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